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deaf-sos is a simple emergency call unit and speaks for you:  

deaf-sos emergency call - worldwide

achtung-blauEasy to use for young and old: 1 Button only!

You must be within your GSM coverage area. US only: read carefully (Wireless E911). SMS (short message service) in US often called “text messaging”

** use the correct emergency call number of local country (GSM)

What do Deaf people need to alert emergency services?

1. Use your cell phone and

2. deaf-sos unit

Demo | deaf-sos emergency call - worldwide

What do Emergency Service Center need to answer Deaf emergency calls?

Nothing but a cell phone to send SMS*

On the way (worldwide): Now Deaf people can use emergency services** (e.g. 112 or 911) like hearing ones.

Use your cell phone and deaf-sos unit to alert lifesavers directly from place of accident.*

Works fine with nearly every cell phone. Works fine in all countries with GSM coverage.

deaf-sos - how it works



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